Technical Documents - Published


This section contains general technical documentation published by Lance Hendrix that is in a relatively stable state or completed. The other sub-section contains documents that are either in process of being completed or are ideas that are not completed yet.


This section contains the following documents:

Technical Site Publishing Specification This document was developed as I was evaluating how I wanted to develop, create content, and publish my website. While the actual implementation of the site has varied slightly slightly from this initial specification, this document provides potentially valuable information or a starting point for others undertaking a similar effort.

Simple Windows SMTP Server While looking for an email server to assist with some development I was doing for a client, I had the need to search for such a solution for Windows Vista. After reading a few evaluations and a few false starts, I came up with a solution based on Apache James that seems to meet my needs quite well. As a result of not finding this solution documented anywhere, I wanted to make this configuration available to others with similar needs. Was: Platform Independent Mail Server