Technical Documents


This section contains general technical documentation published by Lance Hendrix. It contains, at present, two major sections, one for published relatively stable and content complete documents, the other for documents in various stages of thier lifecycle.

Incubation contains documents that are either still ideas waiting to become focus efforts, documents that are incomplete or requiring significant revision in order to be relevant, or current documents in the process of being created.

Published contains documents that are mostly stable and content complete, but that may undergo slight revision; however, it is reasonable to assume that at a minimum the organization of the content is stable and the intent and focus of the content is set.


While there are quite a few excellent sites around the ole' WWW (World Wide Web or "Internet"), and I use many of them frequently, I also find that there is very little (or else I am not googling properly to find it) information beyond the "here is my config file with a few line or two for descriptions". I also know that the people out there doing much of the great work are focused on that work and not necessarily on documenting that work as they are always moving on to the next challenge and rarely have time to site down and collect their thoughts on what they just completed.

While I don't really consider myself one of those "pushing the edge of the envelope", I do seem to find myself doing some interesting work, primarily these days with Open Source tools and (maybe to make up for my lack of techincal ability) also seem to have a knack for being able to document and discuss quite a bit of the technical work I am doing. I must confess that I have, since I began my professional (technical) career I have focused on documentation and developing the ability to document technical systems and issues.


Given my desire to focus the (generally technical) content of this site, I also want to ensure that I am not duplicating efforts already completed. Therefore, please let me know (see the contact section in order to find how to get in touch with me or leave feedback) if you know of others providing the same or similar content. Also, to that end, the most of the technical documentation will point to other resources for detailed technical content where appropriate. My intention with this content is to provide a little more context and potentially paint a potentially broader picture of why and how to imlement various technologies and solutions in order to assist others with pulling all the other great and varied resources together from various locations across the Internet.