This page provides a number of links and descriptions of those links that I have either found useful or want to ensure that both I and others have access to.

General Links

Open Source Web Designs - This site provides various web site templates (the ones I found to use were mostly "CSS") provided by other designers. While I haven't incorporated any of these templates into this site yet (the current look and feel is not the fault of the good work from this site), I plan to leverage some of the ideas and styles from this site eventually.

Apache Lenya - While evaluating how I wanted to work with this site, this is one of the products I seriously evaluated. While I found another solution that better fit my needs, I was quite impressed with the Lenya project. If you are looking for a good open source CMS (Content Management Solution), you should at least give a glance at the Apache Lenya project.

7-zip - When I had a need several years ago to find a product to allow me work with a wide range of archive (generally compression) formats, I found 7-zip. I had grown tired of the various "zip" products on the market and wanted to ensure I had an option that was both legal (I work to ensure I use only legal software) and met my needs. I just happened to stumble upon 7-zip with is both OSS and also very superior to most of the other software, OSS and proprietary that I had used. I now use 7-zip exclusively and try to let others in on "the secret" when I have an opportunity.