While the content on this site has been created by Lance, many of the aspects of this site would not have been possible without the assistance of other tools and content created by other professionals. In order to acknowledge my appreciation, I have provided links and descriptions of key applications and technologies used to develop and publish this site.

Thank You...

Thank you to the following OSS and or outstanding companies/product teams for providing, in my opinion, superior products that are a significant part of the set of products that I use and am very happy to extol the virtues of. These are products that I use regularly and that seem to be of high quality and meet my needs very well. Thank you for producing superior and supremely useful software!

Apache Forrest - Forrest was used to take the content I have created and publish it in numerous ways to include incorporation into this website and providing menus and navigation. While not for the non-technical user, I would highly recommend you take a look at this technology for publishing of technical information.

Oxygen XML - While I was previously using XMLmind XML Editor (see below), I have since started using Oxygen's XML editor as it seems just a little bit easier to work with. Thankfully Oxygen XML has a relatively inexpensive license that lowers the cost to a reasonable level if you are not using the software for any commercial purposes. Synchro Soft has recently changed their licensing for academic use and you should check the license restrictions before deciding to use this product. It is a good product, but is expensive if you don't qualify for the academic license.

XMLmind XML Editor - While I decided to use DocBook (along with some XDoc) as the primary format for creating the content for this site, it took me awhile to determine how to work with the content in the DocBook format. I did not want to use edit the content in a "raw" xml format and was looking for something along the lines more of an OpenOffice docwriter solution. While there appear to be a few editors on the market, I found that XMLmind provided a personal edition of their product for personal (non-commercial) use. I used to use XMLmind for quite a bit of content creation and would suggest that if you are evaluating various XML based document content authoring, then you should definitely check out this product.

Eclipse - While significant "development" was not required in the creation of this site, the use of Eclipse has significantly helped with managing changes and other tidbits other than most of the content creation and even then, I often use either Eclipse or Notepad++ for tweaking the XML structure of the documents on occasion. I am really coming to enjoy working with Eclipse for a number of reasons.

Notepad++ - While I primarily use the OxygenXML Editor for the bulk of my content editing now, like Eclipse, I sometimes need to do minor tweaks to XML or other configuration files. If I don't want to bring up Oxygen XML or Eclipse and I know I have only a couple of files (Eclipse project make coordinated changes across the site much easier) to change, I generally use Notepad++. If you find yourself using Notepad or Wordpad often, I would suggest you to take a look Notepad++, because if you do, you will probably never want to see the Notepad or Wordpad UI (User Interface) ever again!