Legal Overview

This section details the legal specifics for content on this site. At this time, I am evaluating which specific open content/free content license I plan to use for the content on my site. It is safe to say that I will never restrict the use of this content, only requesting that the author be acknowledged and any modifications or derivations be attributed to those that made them (and not the author).

Additionally, it is important to understand that the author makes no warranties or guarantees regarding the information on this site and bares no liability for the results of using information found on this site. A more formal legal language/license will be decided upon and published in this section. Additionally, all content will be marked and notices provided regarding the grant of license for each distinct piece of content on this site.

One of the priorities for creation of this site was to help provide better content back to the open source/free software community. They have provided me with great software, I want to help make that software better by providing great content to assist with the implementation and/or use of that software.

One question that you may ask is why I would provide this valuable content for free? I feel that while the information I provide is of value, it is much better for the community to ensure free and unrestricted access to this content than it would be to try and protect this information. I also strongly feel that if this information is of value, then that value will be transferred to me personally through others seeking me out as a subject matter expert, not because of exclusive rights to any ideas, but rather due to the quality of those ideas and their desire to have access to my capabilities rather than any exclusivity of information that I may attempt to control.

While we are on the subject of legal rights, please respect the legal rights of others, whether we agree with them or not. We can each do our part more effectively by ensuring the free and unrestricted access to important information and resources and demonstrating that high quality does not have to come at a high price to anyone but the creator, but that is the burden of anyone that is driven to produce quality. At least my goal in assuming this potential burden is that the price I have paid in time, effort, study, blood, sweat, and tears is repaid through raising the overall quality and the recognition that my efforts have enhanced or positively impacted the world in some way. That is my wish and my belief is that in this way we can better achieve and demonstrate our position than working against the system through legal infringement.

Please enjoy the information on this site and I hope you find this information informative, helpful, and potentially entertaining.

by Lance Hendrix