Technical Resume

Technical Resume

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Seattle, WA

2. Experience

Chronological listing of work experience

2.1. Harvey Nash

Practice Director

November 2010 - Current

Lance is responsible for managing the solutions practice for Harvey Nash in the Western US. This includes working with clients to understand their technology needs and then working with the technical delivery team in Vietnam and with the customer in crafting a technology solution that best meets those needs. This includes support with developing a technology strategy and roadmap as well as helping customers understand how to leverage Harvey Nash's off-shore capabilities through our Vietnam development center.

Lance is also responsible for overseeing the delivery process and working closely with both on-shore engagement managers and project managers and with off-shore project managers to ensure the success of these projects.

2.2. Coinstar (via Harvey Nash)

Interim Director of Architecture

August 2010 - November 2010

As the Interim Director of Architecture at Coinstar, Lance was responsible for leading the redesign effort for their kiosk platform in the engineering department. This project was a joint effort between the product management, creative, and (IT) engineering organizations within Coinstar. As a part of this effort, Coinstar asked that Lance work with their engineering organization to re-evaluate and re-architect the technology and application architecture of the kiosk platform in order to provide better time-to-market for enhancements and new functionality so that IT could better meet the objectives of the business.

2.3. Thales Group

Lead Software Developer

July 2009 - June 2010

Thales is an Aerospace, Defense, Security, and Transportation company based in France, but doing significant business within the US. I specifically worked within the Rail and Signaling division on a “free flow tolling” solution and was responsible for working with executive management at Thales, our business partner, and the project team to develop the system architecture, product (technical) roadmap, and product technical architecture. I also developed the initial software architecture and worked closely with the project manager to develop the initial project plans and coordinate and hire the initial delivery team (both development and QA) as well as overseeing the development efforts. As the lead developer, I did not have direct management responsibilities for the team, but served primarily as the technical visionary for the team and the project.

I worked closely with the product manager and one additional team member to build the initial team and the infrastructure to support this team while also working on building the initial technology architecture, road map, and with the project manager, the initial implementation plan.

Technologies and skilled learned or leveraged at Webonyx:

  • VSTS 2010 (beta 1 through RTM), C#, WCF, SOA, WinForms, ADO.NET Entity Framework, (WCF) Entity Services (ODATA/REST), .NET Framework 4.0 (including aspects of the DLR), T4 Templates, EntLib 5.0 (Microsoft Enterprise Library), IoC (Inversion of Control using Microsoft Unity 2.0), Microsoft PEX and Moles (Automated White box Testing and Test Creation tools from MSR), Microsoft Code Contracts (static code analysis and verification tool from MSR)

2.4. WebOnyx

Software Developer/Systems Administrator

August 2007 - May 2009

Webonyx develops and delivers Web 2.0 solutions to a broad range of clients. I worked with WebOnyx on a number of client facing projects as well as designing, implementing, and administering their growing internal IT infrastructure. Key projects and achievements include:

  1. Design and implemented a Windows solution that enabled data synchronization for always connected, sometimes connected, and never connected clients that enabled reporting and data capture in remote areas of Africa. The solution also provided for a unified reporting infrastructure that was provided the SSRS on both a central server and within the client application. The client was built using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) in XAML and C# and made use of Microsoft's ADO.NET entity framework on both the client and the server. The client communicated with the server through .NET web services.

  2. Design and development of an SMTP solution for one of Webonyx's key products that allowed users to interact with their knowledge management systems using email that included notifications, and the ability of users to post information back to the site as either responses/answers or new content as well as interacting with the site in other ways (help, search,etc). This solution was built using PHP, Zend Framework, ActiveMQ, Java, JMS, Apache James, Apache HTTP, and MySQL.

  3. Development and implementation of a unified security infrastructure that simplified the management of user credentials and enabled users to maintain a single credential for access to all resources within the Webonyx infrastructure to include remote access (VPN/StrongSwan), File and Print (Samba), SVN (Authz LDAP), Wireless Access 802.1x (radius), etc. This solution was implemented using OpenLDAP and various other open source technologies mostly on the Linux platform.

Technologies and skilled learned or leveraged at Webonyx:

  • PHP, Zend Framework, Java, JMS, Eclipse, Trac, OpenLDAP (with replication/fail-over), Visual Studio 2008, SharePoint (SPS), XAML, WPF, C#, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, (Microsoft) SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Apache James, Apache HTTP Server, Samba (PDC & BDC with Windows Vista clients), ISC DHCP (with fail-over), Bind (DNS) (master/slave), NAS (CIFS/NFS), Linux, Eclipse, PKI/Certificate infrastructure

2.5. Sogeti

Director of Solutions

September 2005 - June 2006, June 2007 – February 2008

Sogeti is a technology consulting company and part of the Cap Gemini Group. I joined Sogeti in order to help them transform their business and enable them to better meet the needs of their technology clients through the creation of stronger solution architecture offerings within their solutions portfolio. I worked with clients from a number of industries to include insurance, banking, telecommunications, and technology providers. Some of my accomplishments were:

  1. Created new solutions offerings for clients to enable migration from legacy to current web technologies

  2. Assisted clients by providing an objective assessment of their current technologies and architecture

  3. Enabled clients through development of technology roadmaps that leveraged organizational strengths

  4. Provided mentorship and assisted a number of resources through the promotion process

Technologies and skills learned or leveraged at Sogeti:

  • Java, .NET, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Visual Studio Team Systems (VSTS), SharePoint (SPS), ASP.NET, IIS

2.6. Algorithmic Trading Management

Director of Technology

June 2006 - March 2007

ATM delivers computerized, quantitative trading solutions to Wall Street sell-side institutions. ATM brought me in as an independent consultant to create and manage their technology and product roadmap. While at ATM I accomplished the following key items:

  1. Developed ATM’s product roadmap for providing on-line interactive services to their clients

  2. Transformed ATM’s technology so enable service oriented integration with their clients and partners

  3. Managed the transformation of ATM’s development organization to enable growth and collaboration

  4. Oversaw the development and implementation of ATM’s technology processes

  5. Managed ATM’s source code management migration to Visual Studio Team Systems (VSTS)

Technologies and skills learned or leveraged at ATM:

  • Java, Eclipse, .NET/C#, SOA, Java/.NET interoperability, VSTS, FIX, OATS, QuickFIX, CISCO PIX, CISCO VPN, VOIP

2.7. Tata Consulting Services

Chief Architect, Microsoft Relationship

November 2004 - September 2005

TCS is one of the largest Indian vendors providing off-shore development services to major clients around the world. At TCS, I was focused on their Microsoft relationship. While at TCS, I accomplished the following:

  1. Provided technical and solution oversight for all projects delivered to Microsoft

  2. Developed numerous solution architectures and technical proposals implemented at Microsoft

  3. Developed and managed a team of architects spanning TCS’s projects at Microsoft

  4. Oversaw a number of prescriptive guidance projects publicly available from Microsoft

Technologies and skills learned or leveraged at TCS:


2.8. Microsoft

Solutions Architect

July 00 - October 04

While at Microsoft, I was a member of several consulting organizations. Within these organizations, I was primarily focused on systems architecture, IT strategy, and performance/scalability across a number of industry segments to include core banking/finance, insurance, medical services, agricultural services, and hospitality industries. At Microsoft, I accomplished the following:

  1. Developed or assisted with most of Microsoft's UNIX to .NET migration guidance and collateral

  2. Drove several migrations from non-Microsoft technologies to .NET at key strategic Microsoft clients

  3. Assisted with numerous performance/scalability improvement efforts with clients

  4. Facilitated the growth and maturation of several client organizations and their technology offerings

  5. Drove solutions and architecture strategies between off-shore organizations and Microsoft

Technologies and skills learned or leveraged at Microsoft:

  • SQL, .NET, Active Directory, BizTalk, ISA Server, SMS, MOM, ClearQuest, ClearCase, Rational Rose, Oracle, ASP/ASP.NET, IIS

2.9. Meijer, Inc.

Sr. Architect

March 98 - July 00

I held several roles at Meijer; however, my primary role was as the manager of the development architecture team. I was responsible for strategic vision, direction, and implementation of the development environment for an enterprise of over 400 developers. In order to accomplish this, I built and managed a team of technology specialists who supported the development environment, researched new directions in development technologies, developed solutions with business units, and served as mentors to other organizations.

Technologies and skills learned or leveraged at Microsoft:

  • SQL, .NET, MSMQ, ClearQuest, ClearCase, Rational Rose, PVCS, AIX, C++, PowerBuilder, Sybase

2.10. Lockheed Martin, Astronautics

Software Engineer October 96 - March 98

Key accomplishments at Lockheed included establishment of the systems integration team and the development of a set of reusable software libraries using object oriented techniques and methodologies.

2.11. Stuart’s, Inc

Lead Systems Engineer

March 96 - October 96

Responsible for working with customers to develop technology solutions to meet their business needs.

2.12. ConAgra Poultry, IOC

Software Engineer

July 95 - April 96

Primarily responsible for the analysis and refinement of a set of real-time embedded software systems. Upon leaving this position, I had established documentation guidelines for the system, created user and support guides, and instituted release level management for these products.

2.13. Rheem Heating & Airconditioning

Systems Administrator

Responsible for managing and maintaining an infrastructure of Unix workstations in support of the design engineers and R&D for the organization.

2.14. Baldor Motors & Drives

Mainframe Operator

Responsible for management and monitoring of Baldor's mainframe infrastructure and automation of the operations process for the enterprise.

3. Education

Arkansas Tech University

BS, Computer Science - 1994